Artist's Statement

My art emerges from a childhood in south Louisiana, absorbing the relentless press of nature which is inescapable there. The images I make address the most primal, elemental aspects of my environment, gently prying back the layers of its mysterious, hidden depths. These photographs blur the line between what is there and what else is there.

I am drawn to those moments and places where the layers obscuring nature’s mysteries are a bit thinner than elsewhere. Such magical spots draw me in, encouraging me to dig deeper, to linger and feel. Often compelled to return again and again to the same spot, new mysteries await at each visit - nature's answers crystalline and immutable, yet kaleidoscopic. My photographs explore a nature which speaks simultaneously of ephemera and permanence, passages and sanctuary, reflections and revelations. They are signposts on a journey into silence and the experiences possible when we are truly still. They are maps back to discoveries where, Paul Caponigro, a wise and generous teacher, led me with the admonition that, “we must be still in order to listen with the eyes and see with the heart. Photographs - signposts, reminders, and guides.

In an increasingly digital age, I remain committed to silver based materials and the craft of the wet darkroom. I made this image with a 4x5 Deardorff view camera and meticulously printed it using traditional archival processes. For me, the contemplative stance stimulated by use of these materials as well as the intimate, hands-on connection they foster between the artist and the subject matter, are a vital part of the process in executing my vision.